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  • 2016.07.24 (SUN) 13:52
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  • Munjangdae
  • unjangdae

    * Address: Jangam-ri, Hwabuk-myeon, Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbukdo

    * Phone: (054)533-3389

    * Management: Hwabuk branch office of Mt. Sokri National Park

    Its height is 1,054m. The huge rock which is soaring toward the sky as if it touches clouds, making scenic masterpiece, so it is also called Unjangdae (운장대, 雲藏臺). At the ridge of the mountain, there is an empty ground where about 50 people can sit and rest while looking down at a wonderful view of Mt. Sokri. Also, metal ladders are installed to make it safe to go up and down, and Gamrocheon (감로천, 甘露泉) between the north valleys is also famous.

  • Gyeongcheondae
  • Gyeongcheondae

    * Address: Samdeok-ri, Sabeol-myeon, Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbukdo

    * Phone: (054)536-7040

    At Gyeongcheondae, pine trees are thickly covering a cliff that is standing high toward the sky, and on the other side, the golden sands is spread through which a blue and green river runs. This marvelous scenery from Gyeongcheondae will prove that those praises and reputations of this exceptional view were not all exaggerated accounts. Besides a beach, an observatory, kids playground, and camp site equipped with convenience facilities make you enjoye the time with your family.

    * Tourist Facilities

    - 1 camp site (3,800 pyeong)

    - 1 observatory

    - 13 physical training equipments

    - 1 parking lot (108 cars)

    - 5 Restrooms

    - 4 hiking paths

    - 2 cafeterias

    - 3 Restaurants

    - 5 water supply system

    - 100 outdoor benches and chairs

    * Touring the vicinity

    - Chungeuisa: a building constructed to remember the loyal spirit of General JEONG Gi-ryong

    - Hwadalli 3-Tier Seoktop: Granite Pagoda of the Unified Shilla Dynasty (Treasure No. 117)

    - Former Sabeol Wangneung: ancient tomb of Sabeol Nation

  • JEONG Jae-su Memorial Hall
  • JEONG Jae-su Memorial Hall

    “Filial Son JEONG Jae-su Memorial Hall” is Korea’s only facility with the theme of filial piety. It is established the former Sasan Elementary School in Hwaseo-myeon Sangju-si, Gyeongbuk, which was the school that the late JEONG Jae-su attended. The place not only reorganize the idea of “filial piety” in the contemporary society where this idea is fading, and is used as the real educational site where children can learn the real filial piety.

  • Gyeongsang Comptroller Arrival and Inspection Tour March
  • Gyeongsang Comptroller Arrival and Inspection Tour March

    * Meanings

    In Gyeongsangdo of Joseon Dynasty, the Gyeongsang Comptroller Arrival and Inspection Tour March was the largest and grandest sight to see and it’s been recreated since 1997 in Sangju where Gyeongsang Comptroller was first welcomed. This event has not only maintained our traditional cultural heritage but also developed a new cultural tourist product.

  • Recreation of General JEONG Gi-ryong’s recapturing Sangju Seong
  • Recreation of General JEONG Gi-ryong’s recapturing Sangju SeongRecreation of General JEONG Gi-ryong’s recapturing Sangju Seong

    * Background

    By recreating General JEONG Gi-ryong’s “Recapturing Sangju Seong (fort)” in 1592 (the 25th year of Seonjo) that has not been widely known, we remind ourselves of the General’s love for the country and loyalty, to let more and more peole know of his services and achievements, and to develop great local cultural heritage through artistic sublimation.