Sangju dried persimmon experience village

Sangju Dried Persimmon Experience Village

  • There are four villages that operate experience programs related to dried persimmon agriculture in Sangju: Seunggok Village, Gumai Dried Persimmon Village, Bamwon Village, and Budulbangi Village.
  • The experience programs in operation involve harvesting persimmons and making dried persimmons, and making food such as gangjeong, yanggaeng, cupcakes and persimmon vinegar using dried persimmons.

Sangju Rural Experience Recreational Village

* reference : Data Portal, Gyeongsangbukdo Rural Experience Village

Experience Village Eup/Myeon Experience programs
Green Star Village Gonggum-myeon Harvesting agricultural products, making ecological maps
Seunggok Village Nakdong-myeon Making natural handmade sausage, making sotdae, persimmon experience
Noryu Village Naeseo-myeon Making mulberry leaf pickles, winemaking
Gumai Dried Persimmon Village Naeseo-myeon Making dried persimmon gangjeong/yanggaeng/cupcakes, flower pressing, dyeing
Bamwon Village Naeseo-myeon Making salted rice malt, making mulberry enzymes, making persimmon vinegar
Ubuntu Village Modong-myeon Forest trail experience trekking, winemaking, scholar experience
Budulbangi Village Moseo-myeon Beetle experience, grape cultivation education, making dried persimmon
Hannong Village Oeseo-myeon Organic healing camp, making kimchi
Eunjagol Village Euncheok-myeon Harvesting omija, making omijacheong, making tofu
Obongsan Village Hamchang-eup Making rice cakes, making yeast salt, making soybean paste
Buduni Village Hwadong-myeon Vineyard farming experience, winemaking, Baekdudaegan forest experience
Ubokdong Village Hwabuk-myeon Making omija enzymes, forest healing experience, valley experience
  • The Gumai Dried Persimmon Village operates various experience programs related to dried persimmons. There are cooking experience programs such as a persimmon peeling using an automatic machine and a knife, making dried persimmon cupcakes using dried persimmons, and making dried persimmon rice gangjeong, and other experience programs such as making dried persimmon tops and dried persimmon handkerchiefs.
  • The Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center also operates experience programs for tourists or those who visit to purchase dried persimmons.

Dried persimmon experience program

  • Dried persimmon experience program

  • Gumai Dried Persimmon Village experience

  • Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center experience

Sangju dried persimmon-related exhibition facilities

  • The exhibition facilities related to dried persimmons in Sangju City are operated by the Agricultural Culture Hall of the Sangju Museum, Sangju Dried Persimmon Park, and the exhibition hall of the Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center.
  • The Agricultural Culture Hall is composed of content related to agriculture in Sangju. The dried persimmon exhibits include records of gifts to the king, the methods of farming dried persimmons, and the food culture of Sangju.
  • The exhibition hall of the Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center includes information on the efficacy and products made with Sangju dried persimmons. Detailed contents on persimmons and dried persimmons are exhibited, so it can be linked to an agricultural heritage exhibition with contents on the traditional method of dried persimmon agriculture and its meaning.
  • Agricultural Culture Hall in Sangju Museum

  • Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center