Sangju dried persimmon park

Sangju Dried Persimmon Park

The Sangju Dried Persimmon Park is located at 475 Soeun-ri, Oenam-myeon, and has an area of ​​32,021㎡ and a building area of ​​3,317.47㎡.
The facilities include Gamrakwon Garden, an outdoor plaza, trails, an information center, and a specialty products store.
  • Tourist information


    Summer season : 09:30~17:30
    Winter season : 09:30~17:00


    Every Monday, January 1st, Lunar New Year's Day and Chuseok
  • Directions

    • Address: 59-12 Gotgamgongwon-gil (457 Soeun-ri), Oenam-myeon, Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    • Seoul: 2 hours
    • Daegu: 1 hour
    • Busan: 2 hours 30 minutes
The first floor has a multi-purpose auditorium and a small library and play area in the hallway leading to the second floor, and it is the section entering to the exhibition experience hall.
The second floor is composed of an exhibition section for dried persimmons offered to the king, cultivation and harvesting of persimmons, and the story of the tiger and dried persimmons. There is also an experience section for grafting persimmons, skeins of dried persimmons, catching tigers etc., and a souvenir shop.
The third floor is composed of a cafeteria, a rest area, and children's play facilities. It is used as a rest and play space, separated from the exhibition section on the second floor.

Gamrakwon 1F

Multipurpose auditorium, Lobby

Facility size 202 seats, with beam projector
Purpose Various seminars, training, meetings
1st Floor Interior area
  • <Rest area>

  • <Play area>

  • <Hallway area>

Gamrakwon 2F

Dried persimmon theme exhibition and experience hall

Entire Experience hall Main experience facilities *King's dried persimmons, Life of dried persimmons, Five colors of persimmon trees
*Persimmon picking experience, persimmon peeling experience, persimmon hanging experience
*Wishing, Grandpa and the Blue Bird, Grandma Spring, Heavenly Palace
*Grafting persimmons, emergency jars, emergency bottle
*Tiger eyebrow plucking, dried persimmon skein playground, tiger catching game
*Dried persimmons story, “There Are All the Dried Persimmons,” and Kokami and Ho shop
2nd Floor Interior area
  • <Exhibition area>

  • <Experience area>

  • <Souvenir sales area>

Gamrakwon 3F

Cafeteria, children’s play facilities

3rd Floor Interior area
  • <Children’s play facilities>

  • <Cafeteria>

  • <Resting area>

Exterior area

  • <Entire area>

  • Exterior area <Outdoor plaza>

  • Exterior area <Trail>

  • Exterior area <Information and shopping area>