Distribution and export of dried persimmons

Distribution of dried persimmons

The distribution of dried persimmons can be divided into sales at local markets and sales at consumer markets.
Local market vendors include distributors, regular markets, local public markets, nonghyup purchases, direct sales from farmers, etc., and consumer market vendors include public wholesale markets, similar wholesale markets, consumer retailers, direct sales to consumers, large retailers, etc. The highest share of sales is through local public markets and direct sales to consumers.
Sales at local public markets are mainly through the Sangju Nonghyup, Horticulture Nonghyup, and Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center, and direct sales to consumers are through direct transactions with customers of each farmhouse. In addition, as a direct transaction method, the Sangju Dried Persimmon Distribution Center operates the Sangju Dried Persimmon Direct Outlet where direct transactions are conducted, and individual sales are conducted at the Sangju Horticultural Nonghyup, and sales are conducted through dried persimmon sales malls and the direct sales centers of individual farms.

Local public markets
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Direct sales to customers
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Dried persimmon stores

Checking the commercial district information of Sangju, it was confirmed that there are 128 retail stores selling dried persimmons under name of dried persimmons in the Sangju area.
Among the 24 eup, myeon and dong of Sangju, they are distributed in 18, excluding six myeon: Hwabuk-myeon, Oeseo-myeon, Hwadong-myeon, Cheongri-myeon, Sabeolguk-myeon, and Jungdong-myeon.

Dried persimmon exports

The four types of dried persimmons produced in Sangju are not only distributed domestically, but are also sold through overseas exports.
The largest amounts are sold to the United States and Canada, and they are also exported to Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., and exports to Europe began with the Netherlands in 2019.

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year Exports (KRW million) year Exports (KRW million)
2014 48 2015 589
2016 771 2017 758
2018 854 2019 819
2020 411