Current status of dried persimmon producers

Production of persimmons and dried persimmons for a long time

  • Looking at the change in production of astringent persimmons in Sangju through production surveys of forest products from 2001 to 2020, it had increased by 340.4% in 2020 compared to 2001. The amount of astringent persimmon production increased by 379.1% compared to 2001, and the cultivation area had increased by 306.7% in 2019 compared to 2001.
    Looking at the production status of dried persimmons surveyed in Sangju-si, it had increased by 51.0% in 2019 compared to 2013, and then decreased slightly in 2020.
  • The proportion of farms producing persimmons and dried persimmons in Sangju can also be seen. As of 2020, 12,582 households, or 25.8% of all households in Sangju, were farms. Among them, 4,119 households, or 32.7%, grew astringent persimmons, and 2,717 households, or 66.0% of those who grew astringent persimmons, produced dried persimmons.
    This indicates that more than 30% of farms in Sangju are producing astringent persimmons, and more than 20% of farms in Sangju are producing dried persimmons.

Number of producers of astringent persimmons and dried persimmons in Sangju

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Production status of dried persimmons in Sangju

As for the proportion of dried persimmon-producing farms, Naeseo-myeon has the largest number at 149%, followed by 9.8% in Cheongni-myeon, 8.0% in Oenam-myeon, and 7.2% in Oeseo-myeon.
In terms of dried persimmon production, Shinheung-dong (22.6%) and Namwon-dong (19.4%) show the largest production, followed by Gyerim-dong (9.1%), Naeseo-myeon (8.4%), Dongseong-dong (6.7%), and Oenam-myeon (6.3%).

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Production status of dried persimmon in core regions

In terms of the number of dried persimmon farms, Naeseo-myeon accounts for the most at 25.7%, followed by Cheongni-myeon at 16.8%, Oenam-myeon at 13.8%, and Oeseo-myeon at 12.3%.
Dried persimmon production is the largest in Sinheung-dong at 26.7% followed by Namwon-dong at 22.9%.

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